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Education consultant needed for English Language School in Toronto, Canada.

Can Study Canada is a Canadian company committed to recruiting international students for universities, colleges and language schools while providing a wide range of helpful student services. We are well connected with language schools, colleges, and universities with special focus on those in Canada.

Currently, we are looking for educational

Fun Murillo Fall Fair

Murillo Fall Fair and the Ranch Rodeo is an exciting event in Ontario. Events such as steer mugging, team doctoring, barrel racing and wild cow milking is definitely fun. It promotes teamwork and sportsmanship among the participants. Kevin Foekens and Greg Hoffman must be honored to introduce this event. It became successful since the first time

The Annual Celebration of Carivibe Parade

Carivibe parade and beach party are great attractions to thousands of people. Here citizens would enjoy the exciting event. They could have the chance to interact with other people and witness the beautiful decorations of the eight floats. Each float which symbolizes the different islands is very significant. It is useful to help people appreciate



Education agencies: become an affiliate

Dear agent,

Our college, Townshend College, located in Toronto, Canada, has developed two different programs. One helps students to obtain Canadian High School credits online and the other, also online, can help achieve success with the IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC tests. As you know from your own experience there is a lot of interest everywhere in

Toronto Private College

A Toronto private College in Toronto, registered, is looking for educational agents in the following countries: Caribbean except Jamaica and South Africa

Canada'a 1st National Organic Week

People around the globe are becoming more and more aware of preserving our earth and consuming and demanding more things organically produced.

In Canada, they want these awareness to be more widely known by the public. This year, they'll be celebrating the very first National Organic Week. It would be starting from their Thanksgiving(October

Where Would You Retire - Panama or Mexico?

Many would like to relocate or retire in another country like Panama and Mexico. If you had the choice, where would you go? Panama or Mexico?

This forum provides some input as to which country has a better living condition. Forum posters shared their thoughts about the things they experienced in either one or both countries such as the peace

Get The Best Place for an Interesting Wedding Ceremony

One of the most special events in the life of an individual is wedding. This is the time that you will start a new life with your partner. So you want everything to be settled and give the best for your wedding. One important thing to consider is the venue for the wedding ceremony. There's a lot of good places to use as reception for the wedding

read the blogs and choose the best, help us pick the top seven

Choose your favorite blogger and help us to choose the top seven out of them all. Read each person's entry and simply vote for the best one in each category.

Voting ends in October on the sixteenth so, be sure to return to the web site every day to vote for the best of the bloggers.

The categories are as follows; traditional, intimate,

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